Meet the Team

From our earliest days One World Shop has benefited from its dedicated and talented staff. Comprising a Management Committee in the executive role, development staff, and volunteers the staff of One World Shop have made the most important contribution to the shop's success.


Our Staff

Rachel Farey


Rachel Farey, Business Manager

“My role is to manage the company, help it to grow and thrive and to develop it in new directions. I am also a trained secondary school teacher and am keen to promote our education role, helping schools achieve their fair trade school award and to help all organisations understand the positive impact fair trade can make. I have spent time in India, Bangladesh and Thailand visiting One World Shop producers. I am on the Board of the Scottish Fair Trade Nation and am Chair of the Edinburgh Fair Trade City Group. I enjoy Tai Chi and play the bodhran.”

Lorna Kelly


Lorna Kelly, Office & Website Manager

“I do a lot of different things at One World Shop. I manage the office; dealing with bookkeeping and accounts, customer orders and day-to-day background jobs. I also manage the website and communication side of the organisation too, so I'm never bored! I've been here since the end of 2009 when the second Glasgow shop (that has since closed) was opening. I love seeing all the new designs from our producers and hearing the incredible and inspiring stories from them too. It's great to really know that the work that we are doing is so worthwhile! My hobbies include hula hoop, collecting zines and discovering vegan eateries. ”

Claire Hutchins


Claire Hutchins, Shop Assistant

“I had been shopping at the One World Shop for years on visits to Edinburgh, so when I moved to the city in late 2009 it seemed natural to volunteer as I had some time on my hands. Since then I've progressed to looking after the shop on a Sunday but also volunteer when I can.”

Kavita Lal

Kavita Lal, Stock Assistant

“I do all sorts of things at the One World Shop. I help with deliveries, stocking the shop, make sure the shop is clean and help where ever I'm needed.”

Our Management Committee

Chairperson & Marketing and Communications: Davina Shiell

Davina is a strategic thinker with over a decade of experience of leading and delivering effective communications, marketing and advocacy programmes for charities.  She is currently Marketing & Fundraising Manager for Royal Blind and recently project managed the development of an e-commerce website for them. Davina has worked as Communications Manager for British Council Scotland, Head of Campaigns and Communications for Friends of the Earth Scotland and Press and Public Affairs Manager for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and managed online marketing and communications for all three organisations.

Finance: Chris Horton

Gilly MacWhirter

Kevin McElroy

Committee Member from the One World Shop: Rachel Farey