All of the artisans who make our ethical bags are paid a fair wage, have good working conditions and extra income for their communities and local projects like promoting girls education in Nepal, supporting marginalised groups around the world and using natural and sustainable ways to make great products.


  1. Edinburgh Loves Fairtrade Tote Bag

    Edinburgh Loves Fairtrade Tote Bag

  2. Denim & Paisley Bag

    Denim & Paisley Bag

  3. Small Leather Shoulder Bag

    Small Leather Shoulder Bag

  4. Square Leather Satchel

    Square Leather Satchel

  5. Alison Justice Bag

    Alison Justice Bag

  6. Red Jane Justice Bag

    Red Jane Justice Bag

  7. Blue Jane Justice Bag

    Blue Jane Justice Bag

  8. Tree Justice Bag

    Tree Justice Bag

  9. Bird Justice Holdall

    Bird Justice Holdall

  10. Blue Jane Justice Holdall

    Blue Jane Justice Holdall

  11. Alison Justice Holdall

    Alison Justice Holdall

  12. Red Kito Justice Holdall

    Red Kito Justice Holdall

  13. Brown Leather Ari Eco Bag

    Brown Leather Ari Eco Bag

  14. Blue Perch Justice Holdall

    Blue Perch Justice Holdall

  15. Red Tartan Justice Bag

    Red Tartan Justice Bag

  16. Blue Perch Justice Bag

    Blue Perch Justice Bag

  17. Plum Morocco Justice Holdall

    Plum Morocco Justice Holdall

  18. Navy Pooch Justice Bag

    Navy Pooch Justice Bag

  19. Cream Bird Justice Bag

    Cream Bird Justice Bag

  20. Navy Leaf Tote Bag

    Navy Leaf Tote Bag

  21. Spring Flower Tote Bag

    Spring Flower Tote Bag

  22. Plum Herringbone Backpack

    Plum Herringbone Backpack

  23. Teal Voyage Messenger Bag

    Teal Voyage Messenger Bag

  24. Navy Leaf Messenger Bag

    Navy Leaf Messenger Bag

  25. Grey Herringbone Messenger Bag

    Grey Herringbone Messenger Bag

  26. Teal Tree Messenger Bag

    Teal Tree Messenger Bag

  27. Navy Leaf Backpack

    Navy Leaf Backpack

  28. Grey Herringbone Backpack

    Grey Herringbone Backpack

  29. Navy Leaf Pouch Bag

    Navy Leaf Pouch Bag

  30. Blue Herringbone Ava Bag

    Blue Herringbone Ava Bag

  31. Herringbone Stripe Sling Bag

    Herringbone Stripe Sling Bag

  32. Grey Voyage Messenger Bag

    Grey Voyage Messenger Bag

  33. Two Foxes Jute Bag

    Two Foxes Jute Bag

  34. Bicycle Jute Bag

    Bicycle Jute Bag

  35. Harbour Blue Tartan Tweed Ava Bag

    Harbour Blue Tartan Tweed Ava Bag

  36. Heather Tartan Tweed Ava Bag

    Heather Tartan Tweed Ava Bag

  37. Savannah Leather Shopper

    Savannah Leather Shopper

  38. Saddle Bag Satchel, Leather

    Saddle Bag Leather Satchel

  39. Large Vintage Leather Holdall, side on

    Large Vintage Leather Holdall

  40. Small Vintage Leather Satchel, front

    Small Vintage Leather Satchel

  41. Vintage Leather Saddle Bag, Small, front

    Vintage Leather Saddle Bag, Small

  42. Black Leather Backpack with Knot Strap

    Black Leather Backpack with Knot Strap

  43. Embroidered Shoulder Bag

    Embroidered Shoulder Bag