Please place your Christmas order before Friday 20th December

We will try our best to get anything later than this out to you quickly, but it's not likely to arrive before the 25th

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  1. Nag Champa Incense Agarbatti
  2. Rishi Incense

    Rishi Incense


  3. Prem Incense

    Prem Incense


  4. Oudh Incense

    Oudh Incense


  5. Mini Ceramic Heart Candles
  6. Elephant Candle and Incense Cones
  7. scented orchid tealights, pack 6
  8. Hand-painted Pillar Candle: Jazzy/Shahida
  9. Hand-painted Pillar Candle: Orange/Zahabu
  10. Hand-painted Pillar Candle: Fruity/Matuko
  11. Gift Box of 3 Hand-painted Pillar Candles: Orange/Zahabu
  12. pack 2 Zahabu orange dinner candles
  13. pack 2 Ihlobo summer breeze dinner candles
  14. Ukhisimusi Christmas pillar candle, gift boxed
  15. Bongazi African gold gift boxed candle
  16. Ihlobo Summer candle, gift pack
  17. One Aromatics Incense

    One Aromatics Incense


  18. Sparkly Vintage Tealight Holder
18 Item(s)
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