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  1. Wooden Spectacle Stand
  2. Crayon Pencil Pot

    Crayon Pencil Pot


  3. Rectangular Crayon Box
  4. Square Crayon Box

    Square Crayon Box


  5. Single Crayon Coaster

    Single Crayon Coaster


  6. Racing bike made from tin cans
  7. RednVW Beetle Car made from Tin Cans, side to front view
  8. Classic Bike made from Tin Cans
  9. Recycled Tin Camper Van
  10. Two Hand Carved Cats on a Red Tartan Sofa
  11.  Two Hand Carved Cats on a Flowery Sofa, front
  12. Five Hand Carved Cats on a Sofa
  13. Two Cats on Brown Sofa
  14. Glitzy Trinket Box - assorted designs

    Glitzy Trinket Box


  15. Mini Ceramic Heart Candles
  16. Elephant Candle and Incense Cones
  17. Glitzy boxes
  18. Triple Hearts Bike Chain Hook
  19. Bees and Honey Tota Bell Mobile
  20. String of ball lights

    String of Ball Lights


  21. Front of panpipes

    Mini Panpipes


  22. Sparkly Vintage Tealight Holder
  23. Snowball Pom-Pom Garland

    Snowball Pom-Pom Garland

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    Special Price £9.60

23 Item(s)
per page