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AGM 2015

anna_donFor the very last time, on Tuesday 23rd June, we congregated in Henderson's Cafe at St John's for the One World Shop annual general meeting. We welcomed new supporters and friends who have been with us since the beginning into the cosy space along the terrace with offerings of fairtrade wine and snacks - of which I am currently eating the leftovers.

The meeting was a lot busier than usual, and I could tell there were lots of questions waiting to be asked. Our new chairperson, Calummurdo Kennedy welcomed everyone and went on with the usual business. The details of which aren't really all that interesting, so I'll spare you the details but do contact us if you'd like to know more.

rachel_katThere was a bit of chatter after the "official-business-bit" as we set up the projector and laptop to give a bit of information on the new premises for One World Shop. At the time of writing, the lease is yet to be signed, but I can now tell you that we will be moving to The City of Edinburgh Methodist Church (CEMC) in Nicolson Square, just off Nicolson Street.

The space that we will be taking over was previously a cafe, so there is a fair amount of redevelopment work that we will need to do before we can move in. We will be updating you of the progress on the blog and via our newsletter, so if you haven't already signed up, you can do so at the bottom of the page.

moira_christineAfter the new shop presentation, we showed the reel of all our videos we commissioned earlier this year, which you can now find around the site and on our YouTube page.

We had a really great night, thank you to everyone that came. The general feeling of positivity is incredibly uplifting. We definitely have a difficult transition ahead of us but the words of support and enthusiasm make it feel like it's going to be a wonderful journey, and potentially something that could completely change the business for the better.

If you'd like to become more involved with the development of One World Shop, we invite you to have a look at becoming a member.

Download the 2015 Annual Report: OWS Annual Report 2015 (also available in the shop)