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Fair Trade Producers

  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

    We take these two weeks every year to run events, encourage schools, churches and organisations to do something to promote both Fairtrade and "fairly traded" goods. But what does that all mean?

    Fairtrade is the waving person logo that appears on many products that you'll see on biscuits, coffee, t-shirts - it's the Official Mark that is used to (unofficially) say "This product has been created in a sustainable way that has provided the person or group that made it with a fair wage, and safe working conditions. They have also received a financial premium that gives them the opportunity to decide how to improve their community."

    They work directly with farmers, co-operatives and producer groups, but also lobby governments and work with existing organisations to improve their own products to be more fair.

    Fairtrade Fortnight is a great opportunity to talk about how Fairtrade really makes a difference to people's lives, and we usually get to meet some of the farmers and producers too!

    Our friends at the Scottish Fair Trade Forum will be bringing a special guest along to our shop for a small event, which everyone is invited to.

    Aimable Nshimiye, a Rwandan coffee farmer from Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi co-operative, will be visiting Edinburgh on Tuesday 5th March from 6-8pm.

    Please join us in One World Shop to meet Aimable for a Q&A and free refreshments.

    Click here to see more details on the Facebook Event page

    Other Events

    Put on your own event

    If you'd like to run your own fair trade event, whether in your organisation or even just a pop-up shop in your home, get in touch. We have a huge range of goods available on Sale or Return or discounted for resale.

    Give us a call, email or pop into the shop to talk to us about how we can work together to promote fair trade!

  • Daughters of the Ganges

    We have just received a delivery of some beautifully designed jewellery from Daughters of the Ganges. They aim to uplift and empower disadvantaged women across India by creating opportunities for them to earn fair wages and lead dignified lives through financial independence. All products handcrafted by Daughters of the Ganges are sourced from small artisan communities.

    The company provides raw materials and equipment to women who cannot leave their homes to go to work or lack sufficient resources. This wonderful organisation not only supports its artisan creators but also their children, providing them with after-school programs in an effort to provide them with a successful future. Daughters of the Ganges is a partner of CFM Market Linkages, a WFTO certified organisation.

    This range is available to buy in our Edinburgh shop and online.

    Take a look at the full range here: Daughters of the Ganges

  • WFTO Conference in Delhi

    Back in November our Business Manager, Rachel, took the trip across to Delhi to take part in the WFTO Conference. The WFTO is the largest global network of fair trade organisations in the world. You can read more about what WFTO does on their website.

    Landing at the airport in Delhi on Mon 6th November came as a bit of a shock as it coincided with a thick smog that had enveloped the entire city just a few days earlier. It was caused by a variety of factors including farmers in neighbouring states burning the stubble from their rice fields, the colder weather and the increasing pollution from cars and brick factories. The sun had disappeared behind the haze and breathing in the toxic air amounted to smoking 50 cigarettes a day!

    However, it didn’t hinder things drastically as there was just so much to do and people to meet and we carried on with business as usual like everyone else. I soon met up Jeremy Piercy, founder of Shared Earth, Hazel Dobson Manager of the Gateway World Shop in Durham and Febry Tressor, a young handicraft producer from Bali.

    We spent the next few days together visiting producer organisations that Shared Earth buys from, these included Tara Projects, Bali Mantra, Karm Marg, Aspiration and a jewellery supplier for Asha. Each visit was a fascinating insight into the workings of a fair trade supplier. Vikaz from Tara took us to two jewellery workshops in a crowded slum in the southern part of the city. They were making beaded necklaces and bracelets which we were familiar with from our shops. We received such a warm welcome and had a good chat with the workers there. We also visited a Tara-funded medical centre in the same part of the city that was providing vital care for the local people, treating dengue fever, respiratory problems, diabetes and other ailments.

    After these visits we attended the World Fair Trade Organisation Conference and AGM which was the main reason for my trip. There were 250 delegates from 50 countries attending and I was representing the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. This biannual conference is the world’s most significant gathering of the global Fair Trade movement; it brings together delegates from producer organisations, buying and supplier groups, networks, support organisations and friends of WFTO to discuss important issues on the way forward for Fair Trade. The theme this year focused on the changing market environment and trading your way to sustainable development.

    For me, although the lectures and workshops were stimulating, it was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and new who the One World Shop has traded with for over 30 years. It was a joy to meet Ghuyasuddin from Action Bag in Bangladesh who supply our jute bags, Roopa Mehta from Sasha Handicrafts in Calcutta, Kirin from Gospel House Handicrafts in Sri Lanka who supply wooden toys, Shampa from Silence, Calcutta who supply our wallets and cards and Tomy from Fair Trade Alliance Kerala who supply cashew nuts, and many others. The producer organisations had brought along samples of their new products to the large Craft Market so we could all see a wide variety of exciting items that will hopefully grace our shelves in the coming year courtesy of Traidcaft, Shared Earth and other UK fair trade wholesalers.

    It was also great to meet up with our retail counterparts from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan and Europe to share stories. Their organisations are experiencing similar changes and challenges to the market as we are and there were many helpful discussions on how we can improve and stimulate trade. The conference finished with the AGM which lasted all day! Everyone had a chance to contribute and vote on new policies and the strategy going forward. Unfortunately, the smog had not lifted by the time we departed, but at least our hearts were warm and our brains filled with new ideas to take back home with us.

    - Rachel Farey

  • Photos from Our Artisans in Bangladesh

    We've been sent some lovely photos from the women who make our One World Shop jute bags. They work for the Action Bag Handicrafts group as part of Saidpur Enterprises, a company based in Bangladesh that seeks to provide women with greater financial opportunities, as well as classes and training in literacy, women's legal rights, educational awareness, finance and nutrition.

    (Left to right: Asgari, Ladly and Fatema)

    Ladly joined Saidpur Enterprises in 2014 and has since been elected the spokesperson for her group and the Producers Management Committee. She has expressed full satisfaction and a feeling of pride working with the group, because it has allowed her to afford better food and an education for both of her children. Her social life has improved and, financially, she benefits not only from a decent income, but from dividends, a producers security fund and bonuses.


    Fatema joined the group in 2008 when her husband was having difficulties finding work and they were struggling to provide their children with enough food. She has said she is lucky to have a job with dignity and that she has received a lot of respect in her family as well as in the wider community.


    Action Bag recently provided us with an order for the Church of Scotland, here are the ladies with the finished product.

    Please get in touch with us for more information on placing an order with Action Bag for your own fair trade, custom printed bags.

  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

    Fairtrade Fortnight starts on Monday 27th February and runs until Sunday 12th March. As usual there will be lots of events going on, and we will be part of the tour hosting some of our fair trade producers.


    • Come to the shop in the evening of Wednesday 1st March to meet Bijumon Kurian. His efforts focus on issues including organic and Fair Trade, and empowering women in the agriculture sector. In addition to helping support farmers in Kerala and the surrounding area, Bijumon has also worked on increasing the visibility of Asian producers in the wider global market. In his role as board member of the Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP), he helps to coordinate the participation of Asian producers in relevant trade fairs and business opportunities.

      We will be hosting a short talk and Q&A session in our shop (25 Nicolson Square) from 6pm (talk starts at 6:30pm). The event is free and open to all.


    • On Saturday 4th March we're looking forward to meeting Victoria and Linda who work for Kuapa Kokoo - the producers of the famous Divine Chocolate!

      We want you to bring along your best FAIR TRADE CAKE to be judged at our fair trade Bake Off by Victoria and Linda. You can make any kind of cake as long as it has at least one fair trade ingredient.

      Cakes can be dropped off on Friday (10am - 5pm) or Saturday before 10-10:30am.

      The winner of the Bake Off will receive a Divine Chocolate goodie bag including some of the top flavours and their new Tasting Set!

      Divine Chocolate

  • New KoolSkools Factory Visit

    Belle has been volunteering with One World Shop since last year. Like many other students, she went travelling for the summer and met up with our friend Pamela in Mauritius. Pamela visited us during Fair Trade Fortnight 2016, and spoke about how fair trade has changed her life. Since then, there have been a few changes in her work and she is now in a different (but still Fairtrade certified) workshop. Belle wrote about her experiences during her visit.

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