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Edinburgh Contemporary Choir Team Building Night

A few weeks ago we had a wee team building event in the shop, partially to to introduce our new manager, Camilla, to some of our volunteers, and also - we thought it would be a fun activity for our hard working staff and volunteers to get stuck into. The different age groups and abilities slightly limited what activity the team building event could be, but we found something that all of us could do, something that wasn't too strenuous - but still great fun.

The Edinburgh Contemporary Choir sang at some fair trade events that we have been at over the years so we have known them for a while. They have recently started doing team-building events and workplace choirs under their umbrella organisation - The Contemporary Choir, so we thought we'd give it a go. It certainly makes a change from counting friendship bracelets for school stalls!


We had an absolutely fantastic time doing warm ups, team exercises, and attempting to sing our different parts at the same time. A few of the group were pretty good singers already, but even those of us that thought were hopeless surprised ourselves! The choir leader was really fun and she kept us going when anyone lost their place - it helped that there wasn't any confusing sheet music.


Singing has so many great benefits; it reduces stress, relieves anxiety and boosts confidence. Everyone that took part has said they would all do a singing workshop again, we were all buzzing afterwards! A few people in the group said that they'd never thought about singing recreationally before but were really interested in joining a choir now, so lets hope they take it up!