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Little Sun Solar Lamp Offer

As part of our strategic product development plan, we're excited to be bringing a new product to One World Shop. The Little Sun solar lamp is not just a great product, it does something extra special too.

The Little Sun is a solar powered, lightweight lamp that can be hung up or worn on a lanyard, and creates a dimmable light that is bright enough to read or use for working in the dark.

When you purchase a Little Sun solar lamp, another one is made available at a locally affordable price to someone who very much needs it. Mainly in sub-saharan Africa, local entrepreneurs are given work to help distribute the lamps and help bring the power of the sun to everyone.

This simple, easy to use device is great for all ages - there's only one button to operate. It makes a great nightlight for kids, perfect for camping or in the garden. The Little Sun only takes 5 hours to charge, just leave it in the window with the panel on show!

The Little Sun Solar Lamp will be available to buy from One World Shop in the run up to Christmas 2019. In the meantime, if you'd like to register your interest to preorder, or find out more, please fill out your details on this page:


By registering to preorder, you save £5 off the full price of £30. No payment is required until we have ordered the Little Sun solar lamps, we will let you know when that is after you've signed up! We think these will be extremely popular for Christmas - so preorder to avoid disappointment.