Nicolson Square update

A little update for you to quell your curiosity! We have some photos of the new shop at Nicolson Square. We are so in love with the new floor, and our hard working builders have discovered some beautiful wooden pillars underneath layers of paint and paper.

There is obviously still some work to do - got to clean and fix up those lights, put doors back on once they're painted and start making decisions on where the shelving will go on Monday when it's dropped off by our removal team. Through the doors on the far left, the shop can be accessed from the Well Café via the lift - so once the corridor is cleared out a bit the shop will be super accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and those unable to manage the stairs out the front.


Despite the shop being in the basement, there is a bright side - literally. We're planning to have our till area next to the window on the right, and the main entrance is just out of shot on the right next to the lights.

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