Please place your Christmas order before Friday 20th December

We will try our best to get anything later than this out to you quickly, but it's not likely to arrive before the 25th

One World Shop Moving Dates

The building work has started and our final preparations are being made to move out of St John’s Church at the beginning of October 2015. We have started to clear out some older stock to make space for a fresh start in our new premises which will (hopefully) be open on Monday 12th October!

Our last day of trading here at St John's is Saturday 3rd October, so please visit us before then if you’re looking for a quick bargain in our sale!

We will be hosting our annual Stallholders Christmas Preview on Wednesday 23rd September (at the St John’s site) from 2 – 7pm. If you are interested in running a One World Shop stall this Christmas, please feel free to drop in for a chat. Everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t run a stall before; we can give you some advice and top tips from the experts.

Between the 3rd and 12th we will be doing a lot of packing up and moving stock and furniture, painting and organising the new premises. If you are able to help in any way, please let us know by sending a message or visiting the shop before these dates to let us know.