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One World Shop wins Innovation Award

We were looking forward to attending the 2014 Fair Trade Awards night for our free tasting of Equal Exchange’s organic Hispaniolan hot chocolate* alone, but we were thrilled to be the recipient of the Innovation Award!

We took along our stall and joined lots of other people doing amazing work to promote Fair Trade in Scotland at the Fairtrade Foundation Photography exhibition at the Chaplaincy, University of Edinburgh. It was great to find out just how much amazing work is being done for Fair Trade around the country.

We were thrilled that, at the prize giving, we won the Innovation Award!

We were really proud to win this award which is given to groups who find new ways of connecting and engaging people to grow the Fair Trade industry. The project that we won the award for was our work setting up links with Get Paper Industries in Nepal with Edinburgh College of Art

Get Paper Industries is a papermaking co-operative situated in the north of Kathmandu. It employs a hundred people, mostly female. Cotton rags, water hyacinth, banana fibre and waste paper are processed to create the paper, which is then made into gift boxes, greetings cards and wrapping paper. They also fund primary schools, aids awareness programmes and tree planting with the profits they make. The One World Shop helped to build relationships between Edinburgh College of Art whose students designed creative contemporary patterns which were then manufactured in Nepal.

Visit the Scottish Fair Trade Forum website to find out more about their work and other 2014 winners.

*Want to try some of the Free Trade hot chocolate for yourself? Don’t worry, we have it in stock and, even better, it is vegan and gluten free too!