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  • Chuffed Fundraiser T-Shirts & Hoodie Sizes

    Interested in supporting our Chuffed Fundraiser? Our t-shirts and hoodies come in a range of sizes, so check out the charts below to figure out which one to choose.


    All of the clothing used in our perks are made with organic cotton and carry the Fair Wear label; they're all printed locally by our friends at Interplanetary Print Syndicate.


    Click here to see the printed designs in more detail


    Unisex T-shirt

    Fitted T-shirt


    Tote Bag

    One size should fit all


    Place your pledge now!

  • Crowdfunder Sneak Peek!

    We're excited about these amazing exclusive perks we've designed for our fundraising, are you?

    Our range of clothing and bags are hand printed in Edinburgh and made with organic cotton; they all carry the Fair Wear logo which means they're made in fair trade conditions.

    Starting at £10, you can choose from a range of perks depending on how much you can give. As well as clothing and bags, we have two different hampers - one including our Fair Trade Favourites; and a Luxury Christmas Hamper. We're also offering a Discount Card that can be used in the shop and online for an entire year! Our perks will be delivered from November 2017, so they will be in good time for giving as a Christmas gift.

    Let your friends know about our Crowdfunder which launches on Monday 28th August 2017, please share this page on Facebook!

    Read more about our fundraising

    Our Mega Moving Sale will be starting in September - so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement in our newsletter. If you've not already, sign up below!

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  • Moving Survey Results

    Huge thanks to everyone that took part in our survey recently. Our goal was to find out where our current customers would prefer to shop within Edinburgh; in our current space at Nicolson Square or in the newly refurbished retail unit at the same site as our old shop in St John's Church at the West End of Princes Street.

    We collected responses from customers on our mailing list and people in our shop so we could get a good view from fans that visit less frequently as well as the faces we see every few weeks.

    You can have a look at the collated data below. Comments made on surveys have not been displayed but we have read them all and love how positive and wonderful you all are!

    If you prefer, you can click on the image to open it full size in a new tab/window.

    Survey responses graph image - 1

    The responses here are supporting a move back to St John's a lot more than Nicolson Square. Most comments on this were relating to how it is much more convenient for people to travel to by bus, or on their usual route already.



    The results found have had a big impact on our decisions surrounding the move back to St John's Church. Read more about our plans on our blog, or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the next stages.

  • Exciting relocation news

    At our AGM in June, we confirmed the exciting news that the shop will be moving back to our previous location at St John’s Church at the west end of Edinburgh after the summer. Our lease at Nicolson Square comes to an end at the end of September and we won’t be renewing it. Over the next few months we will be focused on designing and fitting out a brand-new shop at the newly refurbished premises at St John’s and we plan to open at in October.

    We have loved being at Nicolson Square, our new customers and our hosts at the City of Edinburgh Methodist Church have been wonderful. Reluctantly we have come to the decision that we just do not have the resources to run two shops so moving is our best option. Our recent survey confirmed that the west end location is more accessible and popular for most of our customers and footfall is much higher.

    Moving again so soon will, of course, mean a big upheaval. We will having a large sale of stock and fittings, we will be raising funds to help pay for the new fit-out and we will be calling on all our friends and helpers once again to help with packing up. We hope you will bear with us through this time of change, we will be sending regular updates and keep you informed every step of the way of our exciting new journey.

    Our Crowdfunder will launch on Monday 28th August! Sign up to our newsletter, or join the event on Facebook to find out more.


    Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with news! Be sure to tick Business Developments for moving news.

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  • Vacancy: Fair Trade Project Manager – Festival & Events

    Full time temporary post: 6 weeks from 18th July to 29th August

    Location: One World Shop, 25, Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX

    Salary: £7.85 per hour

    Job Summary 

    The Fair Trade Project Manager post is an exciting opportunity for an outgoing, energetic person to manage a unique project during the Edinburgh Festival at our city centre location. The aim of the post is to develop and deliver new ways to attract customers and promote sales of our Fair Trade and ethical products via a pop-up shop, creative signage, events, activities, an exhibition and other ideas. We are looking for someone creative and enthusiastic about sales and customer service, passionate about fair and ethical trade and interested in joining our retail company and social enterprise. Working with the Business Manager, Shop Manager and a team of volunteers you will form part of a dedicated team to bring this Festival project to a successful outcome.

    Who are we?

    One World Shop is a long established Fair Trade retail company and social enterprise, based in the centre of Edinburgh.  Our focus is on supporting economically disadvantaged producer organisations in the global south through the sales of fair trade products. We sell a wide range of artisan crafts, recycled products, toys, interiors, foods and fashion accessories. The shop started trading in 1983 in small premises at St John’s Church in the west end.  It has since grown to a successful business employing 6 staff and 20 volunteers.

    Main Duties:

    • To plan and prepare the external space outside the shop incorporating a pop-up stall, signage and activities, also using the exhibition space in the adjoining Well Café.
    • To develop a theme which makes a big impact for the influx of visitors, selecting a range of Fair Trade products to sell that will be effective and attractive given the restrictions of weather and space.
    • Manage and motivate a small team of volunteers, including coordinating rota's and assigning tasks.
    • To organise and manage a range of activities to attract people in and boost sales; e.g. chocolate tasting, African music, performances.
    • To organise and manage the setting up and taking down of the pop-up tent each day.
    • To promote and market the project via social media and generate ideas to ensure maximum exposure.
    • To achieve and aim to exceed the daily sales target and manage the cashing up of the pop-up shop sales.

    Training and support:

    The One World Shop will provide:

    • A thorough induction on-site of the buildings, computer systems, health, safety and fire precautions and employment conditions.
    • Thorough training sessions on the till, EPOS system, products and customer service
    • Understanding of the ethos and expectations of the company.
    • Regular weekly reviews to see how progress is being made and if extra support is required.
    • Daily support from staff members.

    Learning and Development

    The job holder will develop the skills and knowledge to run an exciting Edinburgh Festival project from start to finish. They will learn valuable team-leading skills while managing a group of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and ages. They will develop excellent organisational skills and understand the complexities of running a social enterprise in a competitive, commercial market.

    The job holder will also gain valuable knowledge of Fair Trade, the background to our products and how to convey this information to 100’s of visitors and customers in an effective way.

    Person Specification


    • Excellent communication and people skills
    • Good organisational and project planning skills
    • Experience of some event management
    • Teamworking skills
    • Ability to problem solve and use own initiative
    • Some experience of selling
    • Interest in Fair Trade


    • Creative skills
    • Experience of being a volunteer or working with volunteers
    • Retail experience and customer service skills


    Deadline for Applications: Friday 16th June 2017

    To apply, please email your CV and a cover letter to

    Please ensure your files are saved as a pdf, or Microsoft Word file type.


    File Download: Fair Trade Project Manager Job Description (pdf)

  • Photos from Our Artisans in Bangladesh

    We've been sent some lovely photos from the women who make our One World Shop jute bags. They work for the Action Bag Handicrafts group as part of Saidpur Enterprises, a company based in Bangladesh that seeks to provide women with greater financial opportunities, as well as classes and training in literacy, women's legal rights, educational awareness, finance and nutrition.

    (Left to right: Asgari, Ladly and Fatema)

    Ladly joined Saidpur Enterprises in 2014 and has since been elected the spokesperson for her group and the Producers Management Committee. She has expressed full satisfaction and a feeling of pride working with the group, because it has allowed her to afford better food and an education for both of her children. Her social life has improved and, financially, she benefits not only from a decent income, but from dividends, a producers security fund and bonuses.


    Fatema joined the group in 2008 when her husband was having difficulties finding work and they were struggling to provide their children with enough food. She has said she is lucky to have a job with dignity and that she has received a lot of respect in her family as well as in the wider community.


    Action Bag recently provided us with an order for the Church of Scotland, here are the ladies with the finished product.

    Please get in touch with us for more information on placing an order with Action Bag for your own fair trade, custom printed bags.

  • Fair Trade Cake Recipe - Free from Gluten, Sugar, Dairy & Caffeine

    One of our dedicated supporters has kindly shared a tasty gluten, sugar, dairy & caffeine free fair trade cake recipe! The recipe is adapted from one called ‘Jo’s Cake’ in ‘Eat Smart Eat Raw - Detox Recipes for a High Energy Diet’ by Kate Magic (website: It has a delicious, light taste and is quick and easy to make.

    The ingredients marked with an asterisk are available from the One World Shop.

    Preparation time: 30 mins.

    Cooking time: 60 - 70 mins.

    These quantities make 2 x 17 cm cakes which you can sandwich together or leave as single layers.  To make one single layer, half all the quantities.

    Amount metric Ingredient Amount imperial Cost
    250 g bag Quinola organic quinoa flour*, seived 8 oz £3.50
    185 g, soaked Traidcraft organic dates* (fair trade) 6 oz £3.30 for 250g bag
    150g bag, soaked Tropical Wholefoods banana chips* (fair trade)

    If you are using fresh bananas, this is 3 bananas (300g)

    5 oz £1.70
    125 ml Zaytoun organic extra virgin olive oil* (fair trade) 4 fl oz £6.95 for 250ml bottle
    3 tsp Organic gluten free bicarbonate of soda e.g. Dove’s Farm, seived 3 tsp £1.69 for 200g


    Icing Cost
    ½ jar (135 g) Equal Exchange organic dark tahini* (fair trade) 5 oz £3.29 for 270g
    80 ml plus extra as required Liquid from soaking fruit 2½ fl oz plus extra as required
    ¼ tsp Vanilla essence ¼ tsp
    1 tsp Cinnamon 1 tsp
    Pinch Nutmeg Pinch
    ½ tsp Cardamom ½ tsp
    ½ tsp Cloves ½ tsp



    • Soak the fruit overnight in a bowl in enough water to cover it. Alternatively, simmer in a pan with enough water to cover for about 15 mins. until the dates start to break up.
    • Keeping the liquid, drain the fruit.
    • Blend the fruit a food processor.
    • Add extra virgin olive oil and blend until mixed.
    • Put the fruit and oil in a big mixing bowl.
    • Using a sieve, add 2 oz of the flour.
    • Stir with a wooden spoon to make a smooth batter.
    • Using a sieve, add the rest of the flour and the baking soda. Stir until they are completely mixed in.
    • Spoon into 2 x 17cm / 6.5 inch-diameter cake tins. If you have non-stick tins, don’t grease them.  If your tins are not non-stick, grease them.
    • Bake at 160°C / 325°F / gas mark 3 for 60 - 70 mins.
    • When the cakes are baked, take them out of the oven and lay them in their tins on a wire tray for c. 5 - 10 mins.
    • Turn out the cakes onto the wire tray.
    • Make the icing:
    1. Put all the ingredients in a food processor.
    2. Blend, adding more of the liquid if required until it is the right consistency - thin enough to spread, but not too runny.
    • Ice the cakes when cool using a spatula to cover the sides. If you are making a sandwich cake, ice the lower layer first, then add the upper layer and ice it.

    Makes 16 single slices or 8 sandwich slices.

    Fair Trade Cake Recipe

  • Event: Meet Malawi

    To continue on from our African Connections night back in November, we are celebrating Malawi with a free event in the shop on Thursday 16th March from 6pm. Take a look at the event on Facebook to let us know you're coming!


    The 19th of March is Buy Malawian day - an initiative designed to promote the fantastic quality and range of products available from the warm heart of Africa. We've invited speakers from Chifundo & Chanasa, Malawi, Wool-n-Wood and Scotland Malawi Partnership to come and show off what they have to offer.


    We will have free entertainment (tbc) and free kilombero rice and curry served from 6pm. The talks will start around 6:30pm and finish up about 7:30pm.

    Chifundo & Chanasa reach out to women who need support and empowerment through education and income generation so that they can fulfil their potential and make a difference for their families, communities and country. It is women mutually helping each other. They upcycle denim & traditional chitenje cotton fabric products such as aprons, bags, purses and oven mitts. We have a small range available to buy in the shop now.

    Wool-n-Wood are a small business based in Central Scotland which brings together the natural resources of both Scotland and Malawi, helping to create opportunities for low income artisans in Malawi. Their latest product is made by the Bangwe carvers of Blantyre, Malawi who make beautifully carved knitting needles, packaged in a vibrant cotton drawsting bag - perfect for storing all your knitting needles and crochet hooks.

    Scotland Malawi Partnership are pushing their competition - which you will want to enter. The prize up for grabs is a 7 day luxury trip to Malawi for you and a friend!

    To enter, all you have to do is take a photo of yourself with one of the many amazing Malawian products, post on social media and enter your details on their website. For more information take a look here:

  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

    Fairtrade Fortnight starts on Monday 27th February and runs until Sunday 12th March. As usual there will be lots of events going on, and we will be part of the tour hosting some of our fair trade producers.


    • Come to the shop in the evening of Wednesday 1st March to meet Bijumon Kurian. His efforts focus on issues including organic and Fair Trade, and empowering women in the agriculture sector. In addition to helping support farmers in Kerala and the surrounding area, Bijumon has also worked on increasing the visibility of Asian producers in the wider global market. In his role as board member of the Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP), he helps to coordinate the participation of Asian producers in relevant trade fairs and business opportunities.

      We will be hosting a short talk and Q&A session in our shop (25 Nicolson Square) from 6pm (talk starts at 6:30pm). The event is free and open to all.


    • On Saturday 4th March we're looking forward to meeting Victoria and Linda who work for Kuapa Kokoo - the producers of the famous Divine Chocolate!

      We want you to bring along your best FAIR TRADE CAKE to be judged at our fair trade Bake Off by Victoria and Linda. You can make any kind of cake as long as it has at least one fair trade ingredient.

      Cakes can be dropped off on Friday (10am - 5pm) or Saturday before 10-10:30am.

      The winner of the Bake Off will receive a Divine Chocolate goodie bag including some of the top flavours and their new Tasting Set!

      Divine Chocolate

  • Fairtrade Fortnight for Schools


    Fairtrade Fortnight: 27th February - 12th March 2017

    It's time to show your school's support for the farmers and producers who grow our food in developing countries during Fairtrade Fortnight.

    How to get involved

    1. Plan your event

    Drink a cup of fairtrade teaWhat about a Big Brew or a Bake Off? If you want to keep it simple, you could just swap the tea and coffee in your breakroom for a Fairtrade variety and start some conversations about it.

    Running a regular Tuckshop on campus is a great way to raise awareness about the products that are available; and what a difference it makes to the producers when more people buy them.

    Check out the Fairtrade Foundation for a free Event Pack for Schools with lots of fun ideas, free posters and stickers.

    2. Order stock

    We can provide lots of fun craft items such as bamboo flutes, friendship bracelets and bright painted fans on Sale or Return. You just pay for what you've sold.

    We also have lots of food for you to sell* - Divine Chocolate, Oh So Scrummy Flapjacks and new Ponchito Surprise Eggs from Italy which are basically Fairtrade kinder eggs!

    Take a look at the order forms below, and send us your requests. Once we have your goods packed up, they can be collected from our shop in Nicolson Square or we can arrange postal delivery. Alternatively, complete our questionnaire and let us choose the goods for you!

    Read more about running a Tuckshop on our website:

    *Food items are no longer available on Sale or Return, but we do allow 30 days for payment.

    Click the link to download forms from Google Drive.

    Having problems? Give us a call on 0131 667 8323 or send us a message.

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