Photos from Our Artisans in Bangladesh

We've been sent some lovely photos from the women who make our One World Shop jute bags. They work for the Action Bag Handicrafts group as part of Saidpur Enterprises, a company based in Bangladesh that seeks to provide women with greater financial opportunities, as well as classes and training in literacy, women's legal rights, educational awareness, finance and nutrition.

(Left to right: Asgari, Ladly and Fatema)

Ladly joined Saidpur Enterprises in 2014 and has since been elected the spokesperson for her group and the Producers Management Committee. She has expressed full satisfaction and a feeling of pride working with the group, because it has allowed her to afford better food and an education for both of her children. Her social life has improved and, financially, she benefits not only from a decent income, but from dividends, a producers security fund and bonuses.


Fatema joined the group in 2008 when her husband was having difficulties finding work and they were struggling to provide their children with enough food. She has said she is lucky to have a job with dignity and that she has received a lot of respect in her family as well as in the wider community.


Action Bag recently provided us with an order for the Church of Scotland, here are the ladies with the finished product.

Please get in touch with us for more information on placing an order with Action Bag for your own fair trade, custom printed bags.