Stalls for Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from Monday 23rd February - Sunday 8th March 2015. This year, we’re celebrating the power of everyday choices by telling the other half of a product’s story – the producer’s.

Recent research shows that while 78% of the UK public recognise the Mark, over half still don’t actively choose Fairtrade products. When asked, people say this is mostly because they don’t know what Fairtrade does or don’t believe buying it has any benefits. That’s why we urgently need your help to convince them otherwise – because more people choosing Fairtrade means more lives changed.

Start planning now

Run a fair trade stall from One World Shop

New customers: Download an Application Form and send it in

Account customers: Register your request with us at

You can now order stall items from our website. Please contact us to set up your trade account. Click here to see the latest stall forms (external link to Google Drive).

Have a fair trade coffee morning or bake sale.

We now have a coffee urn we can lend out for larger events which makes up to 100 cups! Get in touch if you’d like to borrow it for an event.

Get creative

  • Download the Action Guideorder posters and leaflets
  • Watch the fair trade film created by Fairtrade Foundation. You can buy the DVD on their website
  • Host a bring-and-share lunch made with fair trade ingredients
  • Have a fair trade tasting session; chocolate, wine, tea, coffee, it’s up to you. Divine Chocolate offer a few tasting guides for matching their delicious chocolate with beer, wine and tea.

Top tips for running a successful stall during Fairtrade Fortnight

  1. Advertise! Tell everyone about your stall, make posters and put them up around your local community.
  2. Make sure you have enough change. We like to make sure we have at least a few £5 notes and £1 coins as well as a selection of smaller coins. Don't forget a calculator!
  3.  Make sure your stall looks good – get a tablecloth, posters and signs ready directing people to your stall. Maybe add some Fairtrade leaflets? Please just ask us if you need some.
  4. Serve with a smile! Be helpful to your customers, explain that everything is Fairtrade and the producers need their support. If the customers have questions you can't answer, direct them to our website.