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  • The Move (Day 3 Update)

    It's been a very busy and tiring few days since we began moving the shop, but the excitement of what is becoming our new home is keeping us all bright and enthusiastic! We're, so far (touch wood) on track to be ready to open on Monday 12th October. Here's a quick update of what's happened so far.


    Friday was Rachel, Lorna and John's last day working in the shop at St John's. As you can see - full of eagerness to get packing.


    The Sunday packing team outside the St John's shop

    Sunday was full-on packing up and dismantling furniture - we had a super team to help out. Thank you everyone that came along to help.

    Lots and lots of boxes!The shop contents packed up all the way to the ceiling, the interior was beginning to look very strange.

    An empty stock room

    A very empty but fire-safe stock room. Our new stock room is a lot smaller so we haven't been able to take some of our old shelving.


    Exhausted John

    John trying not to fall asleep.


    Monday began with BT arriving to hook up the phones, and then this beast of a removals van arrived at Nicolson Square with the contents of the stock room.


    By the end of day two, we had the shop layout beginning to appear and a stock room beginning to take shape.
    IMG_0034 IMG_0036


    Tuesday, Day 3 we had the rest of the shop furniture arrive, and ALL of the shop stock piled up into the middle of the room. The office is networked and almost complete. Lots of photos to follow! We've ordered some new signage to direct you all to the new shop once we're ready to open.

  • Nicolson Square update

    A little update for you to quell your curiosity! We have some photos of the new shop at Nicolson Square. We are so in love with the new floor, and our hard working builders have discovered some beautiful wooden pillars underneath layers of paint and paper.

    There is obviously still some work to do - got to clean and fix up those lights, put doors back on once they're painted and start making decisions on where the shelving will go on Monday when it's dropped off by our removal team. Through the doors on the far left, the shop can be accessed from the Well Café via the lift - so once the corridor is cleared out a bit the shop will be super accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and those unable to manage the stairs out the front.


    Despite the shop being in the basement, there is a bright side - literally. We're planning to have our till area next to the window on the right, and the main entrance is just out of shot on the right next to the lights.

    Let us know what you think on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts!

  • Announcement: New Premises

    We are very pleased to announce that we have now signed the lease for a new premises! As of October 2015* the One World Shop will be moving to ...

    City of Edinburgh Methodist Church


    *date to be confirmed

    The City of Edinburgh Methodist Church is nestled in the corner of Nicolson Square, just off Nicolson Street which has great bus routes and easily accessed by car or on foot from all directions. In May 2014, they completed a £2.5 million refurbishment project to make the church more accessible, create a new café and outdoor terrace area, renovated meeting rooms and the auditorium and establish itself as a thriving Edinburgh Fringe venue.

    The Well Cafe

    Before the renovations, the cafe was located in the basement of the church. The large space will be split in two, so that it can be shared between ourselves and The Dream Factory. The Dream Factory is a new hub for creativity and enterprise. It includes small business incubation, and Hope’s Garden is the pioneering business for the project.

    We will also make use of what was the kitchen for storage, a small chapel as the office and the corridor leading into the space from the front of the building. The new shop is accessed at the front, down a few steps via the car park, but there is also access for those unable to manage the steps by the lift accessed from the cafe or deliveries via the back of the building down a ramp (not pictured).

    The front door - going into the corridor
    Corridor going into the shop space
    Looking into the space from the door
    Looking left into the shop from the door
    Looking back towards the door, the kitchen hatch and entrance into the store room
    From the side of the hatch, door past the right side of the image
    The chapel - to become our office

    We're really looking forward to connecting with lots of new organisations and businesses in the new location. Edinburgh University, the Mosque and Festival Theatre will hopefully bring in many new customers for us.

    The space that we're moving into wasn't included in the existing refurbishment, but some
    work is still on-going in the basement rooms. A wall will be built to divide up the main room, we also need to install ventilation for the storage space and new doors will need to be fitted. Once we've completed the main building works, new flooring, decorating and shop fit-out will need to begin as well as creating a store room and office - so, there's a lot of work to do!

    Currently, we've raised about £5,000 from various fundraising activities in the 15 months, but we need to seriously step up our game if we are going to have a shop that looks as great as the products it will be flaunting.

    Once we have some good design plans down, we will have a better idea of what our specific expenses are going to be. We're planning a few more fundraising events, but we're relying on help from our friends and members with ideas and planning. Please get in touch if you have a fundraising idea, or an event that proceeds could be donated to us from.

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