Our shop is now closed to the public and all staff are working from home as much as possible. As such, your order may take longer to arrive than usual. Please have patience but if you think there is a problem, get in touch by email or use the contact form.


  • First Week in the New Shop

    Welcome to the new One World Shop, please, have a look around!

    The New One World Shop

    Bags & accessories

    Kitchenware and cushions

    Jewellery and scarves

    The Till area & handmade giftwrap

    Zotter Chocolate, Notebooks, Christmas Cards

    Kids stuff

    Tea & chocolate

    Books & coffee


    We're open every day 10am - 5:30pm (11am open on Sunday) - come in and say hello!

    If you've already come in to see us, please leave a review to help others find us:
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    It has been nice to see so many new and familiar faces in the shop. While it has been a lot quieter than we're used to, it's given us a chance to shuffle bits of the shop around and start getting our Christmas stock unpacked. We will be having an opening party at the end of the month - the date will be fixed as of next week!

    Remember, our Crowdfunder Project is still running and we're spending lots of money on the new shop. If you can help out, please donate what you can.

  • The Move (Day 3 Update)

    It's been a very busy and tiring few days since we began moving the shop, but the excitement of what is becoming our new home is keeping us all bright and enthusiastic! We're, so far (touch wood) on track to be ready to open on Monday 12th October. Here's a quick update of what's happened so far.


    Friday was Rachel, Lorna and John's last day working in the shop at St John's. As you can see - full of eagerness to get packing.


    The Sunday packing team outside the St John's shop

    Sunday was full-on packing up and dismantling furniture - we had a super team to help out. Thank you everyone that came along to help.

    Lots and lots of boxes!The shop contents packed up all the way to the ceiling, the interior was beginning to look very strange.

    An empty stock room

    A very empty but fire-safe stock room. Our new stock room is a lot smaller so we haven't been able to take some of our old shelving.


    Exhausted John

    John trying not to fall asleep.


    Monday began with BT arriving to hook up the phones, and then this beast of a removals van arrived at Nicolson Square with the contents of the stock room.


    By the end of day two, we had the shop layout beginning to appear and a stock room beginning to take shape.
    IMG_0034 IMG_0036


    Tuesday, Day 3 we had the rest of the shop furniture arrive, and ALL of the shop stock piled up into the middle of the room. The office is networked and almost complete. Lots of photos to follow! We've ordered some new signage to direct you all to the new shop once we're ready to open.

  • Nicolson Square update

    A little update for you to quell your curiosity! We have some photos of the new shop at Nicolson Square. We are so in love with the new floor, and our hard working builders have discovered some beautiful wooden pillars underneath layers of paint and paper.

    There is obviously still some work to do - got to clean and fix up those lights, put doors back on once they're painted and start making decisions on where the shelving will go on Monday when it's dropped off by our removal team. Through the doors on the far left, the shop can be accessed from the Well Café via the lift - so once the corridor is cleared out a bit the shop will be super accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and those unable to manage the stairs out the front.


    Despite the shop being in the basement, there is a bright side - literally. We're planning to have our till area next to the window on the right, and the main entrance is just out of shot on the right next to the lights.

    Let us know what you think on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts!

  • AGM 2015

    anna_donFor the very last time, on Tuesday 23rd June, we congregated in Henderson's Cafe at St John's for the One World Shop annual general meeting. We welcomed new supporters and friends who have been with us since the beginning into the cosy space along the terrace with offerings of fairtrade wine and snacks - of which I am currently eating the leftovers.

    The meeting was a lot busier than usual, and I could tell there were lots of questions waiting to be asked. Our new chairperson, Calummurdo Kennedy welcomed everyone and went on with the usual business. The details of which aren't really all that interesting, so I'll spare you the details but do contact us if you'd like to know more.

    rachel_katThere was a bit of chatter after the "official-business-bit" as we set up the projector and laptop to give a bit of information on the new premises for One World Shop. At the time of writing, the lease is yet to be signed, but I can now tell you that we will be moving to The City of Edinburgh Methodist Church (CEMC) in Nicolson Square, just off Nicolson Street.

    The space that we will be taking over was previously a cafe, so there is a fair amount of redevelopment work that we will need to do before we can move in. We will be updating you of the progress on the blog and via our newsletter, so if you haven't already signed up, you can do so at the bottom of the page.

    moira_christineAfter the new shop presentation, we showed the reel of all our videos we commissioned earlier this year, which you can now find around the site and on our YouTube page.

    We had a really great night, thank you to everyone that came. The general feeling of positivity is incredibly uplifting. We definitely have a difficult transition ahead of us but the words of support and enthusiasm make it feel like it's going to be a wonderful journey, and potentially something that could completely change the business for the better.

    If you'd like to become more involved with the development of One World Shop, we invite you to have a look at becoming a member.

    Download the 2015 Annual Report: OWS Annual Report 2015 (also available in the shop)

  • Help us keep our shop OPEN

    We received the news about the impending development at St John’s Church with excitement and trepidation. The church is building a large glass extension above the shop, altering the hall and totally re-developing the terrace and south facing part of the church to modernise and improve accessibility. The work is due to start in the autumn of this year. As a result, the One World Shop needs to find temporary new premises for up to two years.

    The One World Shop has been located at St John’s Church for 32 years so this is a big change and upheaval. We want to ensure that we continue to provide the support we have always done to our Fair Trade suppliers all over the world. We also want to ensure our customers have an uninterrupted supply of the widest range of Fair Trade products available in Scotland, and via our website throughout the UK, and to continue to keep our staff and volunteers working with us.


    As well as providing a great outlet for Fair Trade food and gifts, the One World Shop runs an educational programme on the values of Fair Trade; we regularly visit schools, faith groups and community groups throughout Edinburgh and Glasgow giving talks, assemblies and workshops on how Fair Trade works in practice. We supply stalls and tuckshops of Fair Trade products to sell at their events and to other locations across Scotland. We also supply bulk Fair Trade tea and coffee to local offices. We want to continue to provide these services as usual and to ensure our Fair Trade work develops and increases during this time.

    After supporting Fair Trade producers and promoting Fair Trade in the community for over 30 years we now need your support to ensure the One World Shop survives and grows throughout this change.

    We are searching hard for new premises centrally located in Edinburgh. Ideally we would like to find premises by July and to do that we need to raise at least £20,000 by July 2015, this will cover:

    • £5,000 for relocation
    • £10,000 for refurbishing our new shop and office
    • £5,000 rental deposit

    That’s why we have launched this appeal.

    Please consider helping us in any way you can, no donation is too small:

    • Fundraise for the appeal by holding a Fair Trade coffee morning or a bake sale
    • Organise a stall at your school and donate the proceeds
    • Come up with your own unique fundraising ideas and contribute to the appeal
    • Buy tickets for our raffle in the shop and/or request them to sell, or email us to request a pack
    • Make a donation online at our website.
    • Send us a cheque made payable to ‘One World Shop’
    • Include Gift Aid in your donation if you are a UK taxpayer
    • Spread the word: tell as many people as you can about our appeal by word of mouth, on social media or in any other way and ask them if they can contribute

    Let us know if you can help in other ways, would like leaflets to distribute, know of premises that might be suitable or would like more information by emailing: info@oneworldshop.co.uk or contact Rachel Farey directly at 0131 229 4542 or email: rachel@oneworldshop.co.uk

    Keep checking in the shop and online for news about the appeal and our fundraising events. Signing up for our e-newsletter below is the easy way to do this!


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