The Move (Day 3 Update)

It's been a very busy and tiring few days since we began moving the shop, but the excitement of what is becoming our new home is keeping us all bright and enthusiastic! We're, so far (touch wood) on track to be ready to open on Monday 12th October. Here's a quick update of what's happened so far.


Friday was Rachel, Lorna and John's last day working in the shop at St John's. As you can see - full of eagerness to get packing.


The Sunday packing team outside the St John's shop

Sunday was full-on packing up and dismantling furniture - we had a super team to help out. Thank you everyone that came along to help.

Lots and lots of boxes!The shop contents packed up all the way to the ceiling, the interior was beginning to look very strange.

An empty stock room

A very empty but fire-safe stock room. Our new stock room is a lot smaller so we haven't been able to take some of our old shelving.


Exhausted John

John trying not to fall asleep.


Monday began with BT arriving to hook up the phones, and then this beast of a removals van arrived at Nicolson Square with the contents of the stock room.


By the end of day two, we had the shop layout beginning to appear and a stock room beginning to take shape.
IMG_0034 IMG_0036


Tuesday, Day 3 we had the rest of the shop furniture arrive, and ALL of the shop stock piled up into the middle of the room. The office is networked and almost complete. Lots of photos to follow! We've ordered some new signage to direct you all to the new shop once we're ready to open.