World Fair Trade Day 2015

On Saturday 9th May we will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day. World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide celebration of fair trade and the success it makes in fighting against poverty, exploitation, climate change and other environmental issues. We are teaming up with SCIAF as part of their Matching Miles campaign - a cycling pilgrimage around Scotland to highlight the problems of climate change.

The pilgrimage started on the north coast at Thurso, and after a week of cycling they will end up in Edinburgh, at One World Shop. Please join us to welcome the gang of cyclists in at around 1pm on Saturday 9th May with a celebratory picnic. There'll be facepainting and free tea, coffee and biscuits (all Fairtrade of course).

If every driver in Scotland drove just five miles less each week, over the course of a year it would be equivalent of taking 70,000 cars off the road.

You can join their fight against climate change which is making a much bigger difference to farmers in places like Malawi where farmers are struggling to grow crops in ever increasing dry seasons.  Visit the Matching Miles website to pledge to walk or cycle instead of taking the bus or car; or send an email to Nicola Sturgeon and ask that the Scottish Government makes climate change a priority.