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Crimson Cycler Bike Socks, 7 - 11

Crimson Cycler Bike Socks, 7 - 11

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A perfect gift for cyclists, the bikes on these crimson Cycler socks range from penny farthings through racing bikes to unicycles. The socks have contrasting blue cuffs, toes and heels.

As well as looking smart they are designed to let your feet breathe and relax. These socks are super comfy and the sustainable bamboo has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help keep your feet healthy and hygienic.

Size: Size: UK 7-11, EU 41-46, US 8-12

Fabric: 54% viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Certified Organic Cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

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