Ethical Buying Policy

Pamela and Gabriel from Craft Aid with RachelThe One World Shop works to alleviate poverty in developing countries through the sale of fairly traded goods bought from marginalised producer groups. Products are bought either directly from producer groups or from importers who are in turn buying according to recognised fair trade principles.

Producers may have much or little experience in exporting and One World Shop can provide a small area for market testing products from new producers. In all cases purchases must have a wider, community benefit to the producer groups and production must involve sound social and environmental practices.

We have spent time with many of our producers all over the world and have built great relationships over the 30+ years we have been trading. Some of our producers also get the opportunity to visit the UK usually during Fairtrade Fortnight, and tour round the country visiting groups and talking about their experiences. It's really wonderful to hear from the true stories of our products straight from the people who are making them.

In Practice

Fair Trade products account for 95 - 98% of One World Shop stock. The remaining 2 - 5% is made up of books, CDs, cushion fillers, candles and soaps.

One World Shop's Fair Trade products match one or more of the following criteria:

  • Bought from producers and importers who follow the WFTO Principles of Fair Trade
  • Bought from importers who are BAFTS Approved
  • Carry the Fairtrade mark
  • Bought from producers and importers who have demonstrated, in our judgement, that they have sound social and environmental policies in keeping with WFTO and BAFTS criteria but are either too new or too small to belong to WFTO or BAFTS.


The remaining 2 - 5% of products stocked in the shop match one or more of the following criteria.

They have:

  • A specific environmental benefit.
  • An educational role promoting cultural awareness and poverty alleviation.
  • A specific supportive role to the Fair Trade products (e.g. cushion fillers, candles).

The percentage of items in this category will not form more than 5% of stock at any time.