Ethical Gardening

To be a good gardener, green fingers are just not enough. Being a good gardener means looking out for the bees, recycling where you can and using sustainable practices whenever possible!

One World Shop has found some great products for you to use in the garden that have been recycled and lovingly brought back to life as new products from some brilliant skilled artisans in India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Give a bug a home

Ladybirds and bees are definitely your friends in the garden. Encourage them to hang around and give you a hand by installing a bug house in your garden!

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Insect house
Insect house

coir compost

Coir Compost

Compost made from recycled coconut husks is incredibly innovative and useful! Just one block makes a whole nine litres of compost when rehydrated. This compost is an environmentally-friendly choice and great for saving storage space too. What gardener wouldn't love this product? It's easy to use, and far more sustainable than peat - a marvellous way to be a fair trade gardener!

Workers at Ceylon Garden Coir in Sri Lanka create these coir compost blocks which are great for potting soil and garden use or in wormeries.

The sales of these blocks generates employment and additional income for employees of Ceylon Garden Coir. Women, families and local communities benefit too as 15% of the export price helps development projects that supply training and work.

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Green Gardening Gloves

Forget the ethics for a second, these gloves are great! Brilliant for weeding and pulling up thorny bushes, while being soft and comfortable to wear too.

The natural rubber used to make these gloves is collected by farmers who tap the trees in the early morning to get the best yields. By selling through Firstlight, the farmers know they will get regular and fair payments as well as technical support and help with equipment.

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Green Gardening Gloves with soft cuffs


A great gift for lazy gardeners and newbies alike. Just toss a few into a planter or garden and a few months later the seeds will bloom into lots of different wildflowers.

Designed to attract wildlife to your garden, the seedballs are protected in clay and chilli to stop them being eaten before they can sprout. The tins are made in a small solar powered tin factory in England, so the packaging is good for the environment too.

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For Birds Seedball Mix