Gift Guide: Coffee Lovers

Coffee - some of us can't get through the day without it's guiding hand

If you're shopping for a loved one who is under its caffeinated spell, here's a few ideas that we love

The number of coffee flasks and reusable cups being used regularly is on the rise. We've just received our first shipment from Retulp in The Netherlands full of beautiful water bottles and flasks made from recycled stainless steel, and bamboo

The gorgeous Bamboo double-walled Thermos is a piece of luxury that you can use every day. It has a removable fine mesh filter, so you can use it for loose tea, fruit infusions and smoothies too! It keeps your coffee hot for 4 hours, but it also does a lot of good.

Every bottle by Retulp sold, means that 1000 times its capacity is donated as fresh clean water to developing countries via Made Blue.

Grumpy Mule Coffee - available online and in store at One World Shop

Sumatran Ground Coffee - £4.95

Our whole range of coffee is delicious - trust me I've tried them all! Which your favourite will be all depends on your preferences, but I don't think you can go wrong with gifting the very popular, Sumatran Gayo Highlands ground coffee from Grumpy Mule; produced in the Aceh province by growers from Takengon and Lake Lut Tawar. The clean, cocoa and dark chocolate flavours make it a very easy to drink, but strong coffee. If you don't believe me, maybe the two Great Taste awards its won will convince you.

Equal Exchange Coffee - available online and in store at One World Shop

Colombian Excelso Coffee Beans - £4.89

If Coffee Beans are more their cup of... coffee... then check out these Colombian Coffee beans from Equal Exchange. Produced organically (no pesticides or nasty chemicals) by small farms that are part of a co-operative giving a fair advantage to families that would not otherwise be able to sell to a global audience. These coffee beans have the fresh and sweet berry flavours you'll find in many Colombian coffees specific to that region.

New Kings Coffee Bags - available online and in store at One World Shop

New Kings Coffee Bags - £4.89

And for the travellers and explorers, these Organic & Fairtrade Marked Coffee Bags are perfect for your backpack. Individually packed in foil, just add to freshly boiled water like a teabag and leave to steep for a few minutes (I've even used one bag for two cups with no compromising on taste). These are also great for keeping in your cupboard for guests if you're not a regular coffee drinker!

Fully recyclable packaging, and the bags are 100% compostable.

Fairtrade and Organic Coffees - Save the Future

Two equally yummy bars of chocolate, both suitable for vegans and full of the best ingredients.

The Chocolate & Love Coffee chocolate bar boasts the Fairtrade Mark, Certified Organic, Certified Vegan, Certified Kosher and a Great Taste award! The company is totally transparent about where all their ingredients comes from, and who produces them, click here to read more information about this bar. This Dark Chocolate Coffee bar only has 55% cocoa, so while it's a dark chocolate, the cocoa doesn't overpower the coffee flavours, a perfect treat to share with your favourite coffee buddy.

Dark Chocolate & Coffee Bar - £2.89

Dark Chocolate & Coffee Bar from Chocolate and Love - available from One World Shop

My current, personal favourite chocolate bar in the shop is the Divine Hazelnut Truffle bar. Oh wowzers! Smooth, praline chocolate in an easy to share bar (sharing totally optional). Being dairy-free it's suitable for vegans, and enjoying along side a well brewed coffee is highly recommended!

Divine are the first chocolate organisation where the farmers actually own a part of the company themselves, their co-operative, Kuapa Kokoo currently collectively own 44% shares. The Fairtrade sugar in the bars comes from Malawi, and Fairtrade vanilla from Madagascar. They have great equality rules within the organisation to help empower more women within Kuapa Kokoo.

Smooth Hazelnut Divine Chocolate - £2.30

Divine Chocolate - available from One World Shop

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