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  1. Kilombero Long Grain Aromatic White Rice
  2. Kilombero Long Grain Aromatic Brown Rice
  3. Medium Curry Sauce
  4. Swazi Fire Sauce

    Swazi Fire Sauce


  5. Mixed Fruit Chutney

    Mixed Fruit Chutney


  6. Hot Mango Chutney

    Hot Mango Chutney


  7. Lime Pickle

    Lime Pickle


  8. Pineapple Chutney

    Pineapple Chutney


  9. Raw Cane Sugar

    Raw Cane Sugar


  10. Exotic Fruit GeoMuesli
  11. Traidcraft Organic Dates
  12. Fairtrade Sultanas from Uzbekistan
  13. Traidcraft Raisins

    Traidcraft Raisins


  14. Traidcraft Traditional Mixed Dried Fruit
  15. Organic Walnuts

    Organic Walnuts


  16. Whole Brazil Nuts
  17. Whole Organic Cashew Nuts
  18. Demerara Sugar

    Demerara Sugar


  19. Swahili Lemon Pepper Spice Grinder
  20. Vego crunchy hazelnut spread
  21. Zaytoun Maftoul - from Palestine



  22. Palestinian Za'atar Herb Mix
  23. Medjoul dates, 500g
  24. Zaytoun organic extra virgin olive oil, 500ml
24 Item(s)
per page