Please place your Christmas order before Friday 20th December

We will try our best to get anything later than this out to you quickly, but it's not likely to arrive before the 25th

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  1. Thank You Labooko Chocolate
  2. PLAYin CHOC - Woodland Creatures
  3. PLAYin CHOC - Endangered Creatures
  4. Golden Blonde mockolate bar
  5. Peanut Butter mockolate bar
  6. Dark chocolate and peppermint buttons - vegan
  7. Milk Chocolate Buttons
  8. New Packaging for 2019
  9. Pillow pack of milk chocolate snowmen

    Milk Choc Snowmen


  10. Raspberry & Rose flavoured milk chocolate buttons
  11. Rhubarb flavoured milk chocolate buttons
  12. Single Foiled Chocolate Mouse
  13. Gin & Tonic bar
  14. Happy Birthday chocolate
  15. Thank You Milk Chocolate bar
  16. Dinky Dots Chocolate Gift
  17. Fig & Frangipane Chocolate
  18. Merry Christmas Milk Chocolate bar
  19. Dark Orange Chocolate and Love Bar
  20. Dark Coffee Chocolate and Love Bar
  21. Dark Panama 80% Chocolate and Love Bar
  22. Sea Salt & Caramel Dark Chocolate and Love Bar
  23. Single origin Madagascan cocoa bar with pomegranate
  24. Chocolate & Love organic seasalt chocolate gift tin
  25. Divine: Small Milk Chocolate Bar
  26. Divine: Small White Chocolate Bar
  27. Divine: Small 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
  28. Divine: Small Milk Chocolate Orange Bar
  29. Divine: Small Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel
  30. Divine: Milk Chocolate Gold Coins
  31. Divine: After Dinner Ginger Thins
  32. Divine: After Dinner Mint Thins
  33. Divine: Large Dark 70% Chocolate Bar
  34. Divine: Large Dark Chocolate Bar with Ginger and Orange
  35. Divine: Large Dark Chocolate Bar with Raspberries
  36. Divine: Large Milk Chocolate Bar with Toffee and Seasalt
  37. Divine: Large Dark Mint Crisp Chocolate Bar
  38. large Divine milk chocolate orange bar
  39. Divine: Milk Chocolate Hearts, red box with gold decoration
  40. Divine: Dark Chocolate Hearts 100g, black and gold box with cut outs
  41. Divine: Dark Chocolate Coins
  42. Divine: Large Dark 60% Chocolate Bar with Pink Himalayan Salt
  43. Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar
  44. Divine: After Dinner Salted Caramel Thins
  45. Divine: Chocolate Tasting Set
  46. Divine: Large Dark 41% Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut Truffle
  47. Divine: Large Milk 45% Chocolate Bar
  48. 35g chocolate bar with base layer of smooth milk chocolate, a creamy white top layer flavoured with aromatic Madagascan vanilla and with nuggets of fairtrade coffee
  49. Divine giant chocolate coin
  50. Divine: Lemon & Juniper Dark Chocolate
  51. gingerbread crisp chocolate bar
  52. Divine dark chocolate covered fudge
  53. Divine milk chocolate salted pretzels
  54. Divine: dark chocolate clementine bar
  55. Divine: organic dark chocolate box
  56. Mini Moo Bar

    Mini Moo Bar


  57. Minty Mini Moo Bar

    Minty Mini Moo Bar


  58. Bunnycomb Mini Moo Bar
  59. Orange Mini Moo Bar

    Orange Mini Moo Bar


  60. Moo Free Orange Chocolate Snowman
  61. Moo Free Selection Box
  62. Vanilla Fudge

    Vanilla Fudge


  63. Fairtrade Buttermints



  64. After Dinner Mints

    After Dinner Mints


  65. Liquorice Whirls

    Liquorice Whirls


  66. Butterscotch



  67. Gourmet Jelly Beans

    Gourmet Jelly Beans


  68. Fruit  Cocktail Jelly Beans
  69. Vego

    Vego Chocolate Bar


  70. Small Vego Chocolate Bar (Vegan Chocolate)
  71. Vego crunchy hazelnut spread
  72. Happy Birthday Chocolate
  73. Ayurvedic Relaxation Treatment Chocolate
  74. Drinking Chocolate - Vegan Mix
  75. Gingerbread Chocolate

    Gingerbread Chocolate


  76. 'Greetings from Santa' Chocolate - Marc de Champagne
  77. Scotch Whisky Chocolate
  78. Gin & Lemon Chocolate

    Gin & Lemon Chocolate


  79. Merry Christmas Chocolate - Spiced Marzipan on Cinnamon Nougat
  80. Hemp bonbon chocolate, packaging

    Hemp Bonbon Chocolate


  81. Happy Holidays - Squirrel packaging
  82. Walnut Praline Chocolate Star - vegan
  83. Vegan Chocolate Star with Hazelnut Brittle
  84. Amarena cherry mousse chocolate, wrapper
  85. Beer chocolate, wrapper

    Beer Chocolate


  86. Blackcurrant & macadamia nut chocolate, wrapper
  87. Boozy chocolate mousse chocolate, wrapper
  88. Blackcurrant Labooko chocolate, wrapper
88 Item(s)
per page