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  1. Karma Cola in a red and blue can - with the fairtrade mark on the back!

    Karma Cola


  2. Raw Organic Shea Butter
  3. Strawberry Blonde bar - vegetable ink dyed paper packaging in teal, fawn and pink
  4. Golden Blonde mockolate bar
  5. Peanut Butter mockolate bar
  6. Dark Orange Chocolate and Love Bar
  7. Dark Panama 80% Chocolate and Love Bar
  8. Sea Salt & Caramel Dark Chocolate and Love Bar
  9. Clipper Organic Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea
  10. Clipper Instant Organic Coffee
  11. Clipper Instant Organic Decaffeinated Coffee
  12. Clipper Indian Chai Tea
  13. Lemon Zest Cookies

    Lemon Zest Cookies


  14. EE Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ground Coffee
  15. Organic Lemon Ginger Chocolate with Black Pepper (55% Cacao)
  16. EE "Women Farmers Grew This" Ground Coffee
  17. Equal Exchange organic DR Congo coffee beans
  18. EE DR Congo Organic Ground Coffee
  19. Guatemalan organic ground coffee
  20. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans
  21. Women Farmers Coffee Beans
  22. Equal Exchange Organic Clear Honey
  23. EE organic set honey
  24. Equal Exchange Organic Unsalted Crunchy Peanut Butter
  25. Mini Moo Bar

    Mini Moo Bar


  26. Minty Mini Moo Bar

    Minty Mini Moo Bar


  27. Bunnycomb Mini Moo Bar
  28. Orange Mini Moo Bar

    Orange Mini Moo Bar


  29. Organic Strawberry Jam, jar unopened
  30. Organic Orange Marmalade, 340g, clear glass jar
  31. Traidcraft Organic Dates
  32. Fairtrade Sultanas from Uzbekistan
  33. Traidcraft Raisins

    Traidcraft Raisins


  34. Traidcraft Traditional Mixed Dried Fruit
  35. Demerara Sugar

    Demerara Sugar


  36. Organic Sun Dried Pineapple 100g, 2 packets with fruit spilling out of one
  37. Organic Dried Mango 100g
  38. Sun Dried Banana - Chewy Chips
  39. Mango and Brazil Nut Fruit Bar
  40. Apricot and Raisin Fruit Bar
  41. Date and Walnut Fruit Bar
  42. Pineapple and Cashew Fruit Bar
  43. Vego

    Vego Chocolate Bar


  44. Small Vego Chocolate Bar (Vegan Chocolate)
  45. Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml
  46. Zaytoun Maftoul - from Palestine



  47. Smoky Freekeh, 250g

    Smoky Freekeh, 250g


47 Item(s)
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