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  1. Red Curry Paste

    Red Curry Paste


  2. Yellow Curry Paste

    Yellow Curry Paste


  3. Hispaniola Cocoa
  4. Medium Curry Sauce
  5. Kilombero Long Grain Aromatic White Rice
  6. Kilombero Long Grain Aromatic Brown Rice
  7. Organic Coconut Milk

    Organic Coconut Milk


  8. Kilombero Long Grain Aromatic Brown Rice - 3kg
  9. Traidcraft Traditional Mixed Dried Fruit
  10. New Packaging - Fruity Golden Granola

    Fruity Golden Granola


  11. Whole Brazil Nuts
  12. Organic Fusilli Pasta

    Organic Fusilli Pasta


  13. Brown Sugar Sticks
  14. White Sugar Sticks
  15. Fruit & Nut Muesli

    Fruit & Nut Muesli


  16. Traidcraft Raisins


    Regular Price: £2.85

    Special Price £2.57

  17. Organic Walnuts

    Organic Walnuts


  18. Whole Organic Cashew Nuts
  19. Swahili Lemon Pepper Spice Grinder
  20. Cape Malay Curry Sauce
  21. Victoria Falls Rainbow Pepper Grinder
  22. Safari BBQ Sauce

    Safari BBQ Sauce


  23. Vego crunchy hazelnut spread
  24. Palestinian Medjoul Dates, 250g
  25. Zaytoun Maftoul - from Palestine



  26. Smoky Freekeh, 250g

    Smoky Freekeh, 250g


  27. Palestinian Za'atar Herb Mix
  28. Medjoul dates, 500g
  29. Zaytoun organic extra virgin olive oil, 500ml
29 Item(s)
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