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We'll help you run a fair trade stall

  • No upfront costs, charges or deposits
  • Take goods on sale or return - this means you only pay for what you sell
  • Want to run a stall to help raise funds for your cause? Get 5% discount on everything that you sell
  • Whether it's a regular or one-off stall, we can help with all kinds of events
  • Order online, by email, phone or come in to the shop to speak to us

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We provide support for churches, mosques, schools and other community groups to promote fair trade within their community.

We can provide fair trade grocery and craft items to sell at your event or stall on a regular or one-off basis. We also have posters, flyers and promotional items for you to have at your stall to promote One World Shop or some of our fair trade producers.

If you have any questions or need more information please do get in touch with us!

Working in our communities

How it works

  1. Apply for an account: online or download an Application Form
  2. Choose the items you would like to sell: online or download Stall Lists
  3. Send your forms in to One World Shop at least 10 days before your event
  4. Collect the goods & paperwork from the shop in central Edinburgh.
    Alternatively we can arrange a courier delivery which costs around £10-15
  5. Run your stall - remember to tell everyone it's all fair trade!
  6. Return the unsold goods to One World Shop within 2 weeks of your event
  7. We'll work out what you've sold and we will send you an invoice
  8. Send payment to us within 30 days by cheque, card or online banking

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