Fair Trade Across The Curriculum

Fair Trade is an excellent way to address Global Citizenship, and can be incorporated into many subjects.

Pupils at Clyde Valley High School in Wishaw put together their own catalogue of their favourite fair trade products to supplement their regular tuckshop. Staff and pupils can now make special orders for all kinds of stock via the school.

Pupils at Clyde Valley High School made their own Fair Trade Catalogue

Here are a few more ideas...

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Encourage pupils to become responsible and active citizens through promoting Fair Trade in the school by running a Fair Trade stall (stock available from the One World Shop).



Read a case study on Fair Trade available at www.fairtrade.org.uk, then discuss the ideas and prepare a speech on the topic of "How does Fair Trade make a difference?"



Research the history of Fair Trade and create a time line detailing when Fair Trade first came to Britain, and how it has progressed since then.


Art & Design

Analyse the Fairtrade Foundation's logo, discussing the colours, design, and ideas it represents. Then design your own image/logo that represents Fair Trade and write a statement explaining these ideas.



Have students bring Fair Trade products into the classroom. Establish where each of these products are from, then locate and record these onto a Fair Trade Map.



Research Fair Trade on the internet and create a powerpoint or brochure on the ideas behind Fair Trade.



Research the change in the number of Fair Trade products being sold in the UK over the last 30 years. Present your information in graphs to show the increase, but also demonstrate how many non-fair trade items are sold throughout the UK.



Watch the film clip ‘For a Few Pesos More’. Discuss ideas address in the clip and then write your own Fair Trade song or rap


Physical Education

Watch this clip from Teachers TV in which a group of school children find out how footballs are manufactured. Talk about the ideas discussed in the film and then play a match with a Fair Trade football (available from the One World Shop) 

If you would like support or advice on how to bring these ideas into the classroom please contact the Education Co-ordinator of the One World Shop at Rachel@oneworldshop.org.uk.