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Become a Fairtrade School

"It's important to be involved in Fairtrade as it helps workers who otherwise would be underpaid and underprivileged. We are helping to fight their corner." 
Fiona - Clyde Valley High School

The Fairtrade Schools Awards are not only about teaching the students the issue, the award aims to teach them how they can be involved in changing the world around them, encouraging them to know that they can make a difference, that through supporting and promoting Fairtrade in their schools, they can empower farmers and workers in marginalised countries.

The Fairtrade Foundation offer a series of Awards for schools replacing the Fairtrade Schools Award and the One World Shop can help you on your Fairtrade journey and give you support in working through these three new awards to embed Fairtrade in your School.

 FairAware Award

FairAware is the first Fairtrade Schools Award, and supports your school to find out about Fairtrade activities already going on in school, and learn about issues around Fairtrade.

Carrying out the learner audit will give teachers an overview of young people’s existing knowledge, attitudes and opinions.

The activity might focus on:

  • Where our food comes from and the people involved in producing it
  • Examining the concept of fairness and what it means to be fair
  • Why there’s a need for Fairtrade
  • Why global trade patterns exist and how power imbalances in trade can cause poverty
  • How Fairtrade works and what impact it hopes to have
  • Examining whether Fairtrade is a good idea

 FairActive Award

Start taking action for Fairtrade! For the FairActive Award a School will be working on the following:

  • Set up a Fairtrade Group
  • Hold an assembly
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Hold an Event
  • Take one of the Fairtrade Challenges

 FairAchiever Award

The final step in the Fairtrade Schools Award is FairAchiever. At this point the school has fully embedded Fairtrade into their daily life and work to raise awareness of Fairtrade in their local community.

  • Adopt a Fairtrade policy
  • Review the action plan
  • Carry out audits
  • Embed learning
  • Use Fairtrade products
  • Take two of the Fairtrade challenges

This award is the equivalent of the current Fairtrade Schools Award.