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  1. Machu Picchu Organic Ground Coffee - Cafedirect
  2. New Packaging for 2019

    Lime & Sea Salt Chocolate Buttons

    Regular Price: £1.50

    Special Price £1.13

  3. Dark Orange Chocolate and Love Bar
  4. Single origin Madagascan cocoa bar with pomegranate
  5. Clipper Indian Chai Tea
  6. Divine: Small 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
  7. Divine: Large Dark 70% Chocolate Bar
  8. Divine: Large Dark Chocolate Bar with Ginger and Orange
  9. Divine: Large Dark Chocolate Bar with Raspberries
  10. Divine: Large Dark Mint Crisp Chocolate Bar
  11. Divine: Large Dark 41% Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut Truffle
  12. Organic Lemon Ginger Chocolate with Black Pepper (55% Cacao)

    Organic Lemon Ginger Chocolate with Black Pepper (55% Cacao)

    Regular Price: £2.79

    Special Price £2.09

  13. Friendly - Detox Soap

    Friendly - Detox Soap


  14. Friendly - Travel Soap
  15. Friendly Shampoo Bar - Lavender & Tea Tree
  16. Friendly Shampoo Bar - Lavender & Geranium
  17. Double Choc Chip Cookies

    Double Choc Chip Cookies

    Regular Price: £2.20

    Special Price £1.65

  18. Organic Malawi Mzimba Ground Coffee
  19. Vego

    Vego Chocolate Bar


  20. Vego White Chocolate & Almond Bar
  21. Drinking Chocolate - Vegan Mix
21 Item(s)
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