Girls, Goddesses & Giants by Lari Don

Girls, Goddesses & Giants by Lari Don

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Who needs a handsome prince? Read about greedy giants, unjust emperors, shape-shifting demons and the amazing girls who deal with them.

From China and Japan, the Americas, Europe and Africa, this collection of traditional tales shows legendary heroines who win the day, whether by cleverness, courage, kindness or strength.

Brilliant myths and legends about fearless girls who fight their own battles. Twelve stories gathered from around the world, as the author says:  ' ... a Japanese girl who meets a sea monster, a Viking warrior who braves ghosts, an Hindu goddess with ten arms, a Sumerian goddess who meets 52 monsters in one journey, and an early version of Little Red Riding Hood which I’m sure will surprise you!'

This book is illustrated beautifully by Francesca Greenwood.

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