Please place your Christmas order before Friday 20th December

We will try our best to get anything later than this out to you quickly, but it's not likely to arrive before the 25th

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  1. One World Shop Pin Badge, close up on blue background cloth
  2. blue floral rectangular earrings
  3. golden tree earrings

    Golden Tree Earrings


  4. Chopped Crayon Necklace
  5. 5-Pointed Crayon Necklace
  6. Crayon Drop Earrings

    Crayon Drop Earrings


  7. Crayon Flower Earrings
  8. Gold Cut Mandala Earrings
  9. Crayon Cube Stripe Necklace
  10. Chopped Crayon Bracelet
  11. Crayon Earrings with Metal Links
  12. Bracelet with Star Charms
  13. Necklace with Star Charms
  14. Elephant Earrings - Brass & Purple Disc
  15. Red Dreamcatcher Earrings
  16. Knotted Friendship Bracelet
  17. Blue & Gold Crown Earrings
  18. Cotton Ball Loop Earrings
  19. Triangle Earrings with Turquoise Bead
  20. Fuchsia Drop Earrings

    Fuchsia Drop Earrings


  21. Gold Triangle Earrings with Orange Tassel
  22. round kaleidoscope earrings
  23. lizard earrings

    Lizard Earrings


  24. blue & gold-coloured teardrop earrings with cut-out
  25. black & gold-coloured circle earrings
  26. Leaf earrings with blue bead
26 Item(s)
per page