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  1. Elephant Earrings - Brass & Purple Disc
  2. blue floral rectangular earrings
  3. golden tree earrings

    Golden Tree Earrings


  4. arrow climber studs
  5. gold crescent arrow earrings
  6. Crayon Drop Earrings

    Crayon Drop Earrings


  7. Crayon Flower Earrings
  8. Gold Cut Mandala Earrings
  9. Crayon Earrings with Metal Links
  10. Silver Earrings with Two Moonstones
  11. Silver Earrings with Garnet Discs
  12. Silver Earrings with Olive Green Zirconia Stone
  13. Aaliya hoop earrings

    Aaliya hoop earrings


  14. Jhalak mini earrings

    Jhalak mini earrings


  15. Brass Bee Earrings

    Brass Bee Earrings


  16. Brass Dragonfly Earrings
  17. Earrings with Disc and Tree Motif
  18. Teardrop Earrings with Flower Stamping
  19. Silver Paddle Earrings with Flower Stamps
  20. Earrings with Silver and Glass Beads
  21. Doughnut Earrings in Stamped Thai Silver
  22. Elephant 'Spirit' Earrings
  23. Tiny Star Drop Earrings
  24. Garnet and Silver Stamped Bead Earrings
  25. Spiral Earrings

    Spiral Earrings


  26. Silver Heart Studs with Stamped Detail
  27. Textured leaf silver earrings, front
  28. small dakota leaf silver earrings
  29. stamped hoop Thai silver earrings
  30. silver dragonfly drop earrings
  31. silver flower stamped studs
  32. silver stamped hoop earrings
  33. 5 petal silver flower studs
  34. Stamped Silver Flower Earrings
  35. 6-spiral Thai silver earrings
  36. long leaf-stamped silver earrings with turquoise
  37. Silver love bird earrings
  38. silver spiral stud earrings showing depth
  39. chakra earrings
  40. asymmetrical heart earrings
  41. Silver Spiral and Garnet Earrings
  42. Silver Cone Earrings

    Silver Cone Earrings


  43. Simple Amethyst Earrings
  44. Small Spiral Stud Earrings. Sterling Silver
  45. Long Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver
  46. Silver Cone Earrings with Spiral Pattern
  47. Star Stud Earrings

    Star Stud Earrings


  48. Tiny Daisy Stud Earrings
  49. Spiral Pyramid Stud Earrings
  50. Magic Spiral Silver Earrings
  51. Garnet Orchid Flower Earrings
  52. Tiny Plain Heart Earrings in Silver, front view for both earrings
  53. Textured Heart Stud Earrings. Sterling Silver
  54. Open Star Earrings, Sterling Silver
  55. Classic Pearl Stud Earrings set in Sterling Silver
  56. Open Heart Stud Earrings in Silver, front view of both earrings
  57. Large Open Heart Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver, on black background
  58. Red Dreamcatcher Earrings
  59. Blue & Gold Crown Earrings
  60. mandala earrings with blue bead
  61. Triangle Earrings with Turquoise Bead
  62. Gold & Black Fan Earrings
  63. Fuchsia Drop Earrings

    Fuchsia Drop Earrings


  64. Gold Triangle Earrings with Orange Tassel
  65. Gold Coloured Leaf Stud Earrings
  66. Silver Dove & Pearl Earrings
66 Item(s)
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