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  1. Silver Bracelet with Leaf Charms and Turquoise
  2. Multi-charm, 'Spirit' Ring and Howlite Necklace
  3. Earrings with Disc and Tree Motif
  4. Teardrop Earrings with Flower Stamping
  5. Silver Paddle Earrings with Flower Stamps
  6. Doughnut Earrings in Stamped Thai Silver
  7. Elephant 'Spirit' Earrings
  8. Garnet and Silver Stamped Bead Earrings
  9. Spiral Earrings

    Spiral Earrings


  10. Textured leaf silver earrings, front
  11. small dakota leaf silver earrings
  12. Double spiral silver earrings
  13. silver flower stamped studs
  14. long leaf-stamped silver earrings with turquoise
  15. silver spiral stud earrings showing depth
  16. chakra earrings
  17. chakra trapeze necklace
  18. chakra pendant necklace
  19. chakra bracelet showing T-bar closure
  20. Pixie necklace, clear beads, stamped pendant
  21. Hope silver necklace
  22. flower stamped bangle

    Flower Stamped Bangle


  23. swirl link bracelet
  24. asymmetrical heart earrings
24 Item(s)
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