EE Mt Elgon Gumutindo Ground Coffee - Grown by Women

EE Mt Elgon Gumutindo Ground Coffee - Grown by Women

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Medium roasted Gumutindo AA Arabica Roast and Ground is grown by women and is well balanced with good acidity and delicate lemony citrus notes. 

Produced by The Gumutindo Coffee Enterprise, Mary Nabugobelo is a pioneer farmer. She tells the story of her first steps to supply coffee:

“I first heard about Gumutindo offering a good price for quality coffee in 2002. Without wasting any time I joined my society at Bumayoga. I got a good price for the coffee and a second payment which I used to pay for my daughter’s tuition at Makerere University. At the society my fellow members elected me onto the committee and as a delegate to Gumutindo Board. I think they elected me because they know that I am hardworking and a woman who is competing with men to produce good quality coffee. My responsibility is to teach other women farmers to produce good quality coffee and to advise them to plant more coffee trees.”

Coffee strength: 3 (medium)

Pack size: 227g

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