EE Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ground Coffee


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The spicy, winey flavours of this blend are characteristic of the beans grown by the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union high in the Ethiopian mountains.
Traditionally agrochemicals have never been used; instead environmentally sound methods developed over generations have thrived. All of the coffee is shade grown amongst acacias and oaks. The fallen leaves and decaying plant matter, along with animal manure, help to enrich the soil.

The coffee bushes are interspersed with plants such as cardamom and ginger, fruits such as papaya, mangoes and avocadoes, and root crops such as sweet potatoes. This intercropping helps to enhance the fertility of the soil, further enriching this already chemical free area.

The growers receive agricultural advice on pruning, picking, handling/processing and the storin
Coffee strength: 3 (medium)
Ingredients: Roast organic arabica ground coffee.

Produced by Oromia Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Union in Ethiopia

Pack size: 227g

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