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Home & Garden

Brighten up your surroundings with beautiful, handmade fair trade!

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  1. Crayon Pencil Pot

    Crayon Pencil Pot


  2. Rectangular Crayon Box
  3. Square Crayon Box

    Square Crayon Box


  4. Single Crayon Coaster

    Single Crayon Coaster


  5. mint felt ball coaster
  6. turquoise felt ball coaster
  7. mustard felt ball coaster
  8. mint felt ball placemat
  9. turquoise felt ball placemat
  10. Baladi - Palestinian Cookbook
  11. Zaitoun Palestinian Cookbook
  12. Recycled Large Wine Glass, four shown
  13. jerry bottle
  14. Inca Tribal Rug in Recycled Denim - 75x135cm
  15. Ceramic flower dish

    Ceramic flower dish


  16. Baku Diamond Rug - 75x135cm
  17. Indoor/outdoor Seaside Bottle Rug - 75x135cm
  18. Khiva Kilim Rug - 75 x 120 cm
  19. Khiva Kilim Cushion Cover
  20. Cadiz Tiles Rice Husk Coffee Cup
  21. Paisley Massala Rice Husk Coffee Cup
  22. Warbler & Dragonflies Rice Husk Coffee Cup
  23. Tree of Life with Flowers Rice Husk Coffee Cup
  24. String of ball lights

    String of Ball Lights


24 Item(s)
per page