Transparent Coffee by Traidcraft

Transparent Coffee by Traidcraft

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No, not see-through, but fully transparent! This coffee tells no lies, hides no truths and puts the full cost breakdown on the front of the packaging, challenging other brands to be upfront about how much their producers actually make.

This Organic, fair trade and rule-breaking arabica ground coffee is a dark roast with a light, floral sweetness (strength 4), made using a blend of beans from Honduras and Sumatra. Creating a dark roast with a light floral sweetness. It’s also roasted in the UK – just down the road from Traidcraft's HQ, at Ringtons in Newcastle, in fact.

Did you know that the average price paid on the New York C coffee exchange for non-Organic coffee adds up to about 53p, for non-Organic, Fairtrade coffee, the agreed minimum price is 71p, and for Organic and Fairtrade coffee, the agreed minimum price is 84p. We are publicly declaring that we have paid £1.32 directly to the growers who harvested the beans in this coffee.
*All prices above are per 227g bag, and before any country premiums are added or subtracted.

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